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June 12, 2008


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Rick Biesada

Hatless Drunkard doesn't know shit.

This arrogant little creep should bury his head in shame...wife beater.

I feel your pain Neil, a weakling trapped in a mans body... poor Neil. Weak mind, weak body, he probably throws like a girl too, and speaking of girls, thanks for this article Esther. It clears up a problem that I have been wondering about for some time.

Why would the Sun Times let a fine young writer like Esther Cepeda go, and keep on a feckless, geek, loser, like Neil Steinberg?

The answer is obvious, it's a contaminated newspaper. Yellow journalism from the top down. Conrad Black, the Sun Times former owner, is away doing a bit in the slammer for pilfering funds, while Neil Steinberg is pilfering the illusion of manhood.

I know a lot of drunks but they never hit a woman. Neal Steinberg thinks he rose to the occasion...well, you little bitch, rise to THIS!

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