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November 16, 2008


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black mamba

Immigration reform is a must in order to protect the vital national security economic interests of America. It would be very helpful and wise if the Hispanic community would reach out to the African American community to educate and seek more support on this issue. And African Americans need to do like wise. McCain now that he is free of the right wing nativist hockey Mom lunatic fringe in the GOP needs to do the right thing. Obama needs to be pushed to do the right thing as well. Bill Richardson would be a much better and more qualified choice for Secretary of State than the Clinton drama. Si se puede! Yes we can! Yes we did!


There are many people who want some kind of sensible, compassionate reform…both Barack Obama & John McCain are actually close in thought on this issue…even Ted Turner, in an interview with Mr. Insecure (Border), er, Mr. Independent, Lou Dobbs, expressed a similar attitude: most illegals just want to work to be able to provide for their family.

They need to approach it such that those almost to the extreme on both sides can tolerate it. Just a few examples…

For conservatives (especially fiscal)
- If illegals just have to pay fines, and wait extra long for citizenship, we can get that revenue without having to spend more resources
- The alternative to the above is to either raise taxes or cut services
- Legal immigrants can send the money home (in a way Homeland Security can track), and develop other areas of the world, without the government sending money. A good economy will cut the “need” for people to illegally immigrate .

For liberals
- Immigrants get the legal protection they need
- Actual enforcement to help former illegals can begin (i.e. strong or “real” punishment of those who exploit immigrants)
- Laws to help these immigrants actually gets passed, and no more false starts
- Immigrants can get more overt support on different issues (college financial aid, law enforcement, etc.)

That means some they two sides also have to give up something

= Thinking of illegals as more than just law breakers, but as decent human beings (i.e. no more of a law breaker than the person doing 90 in a 55 mile zone)
= Acknowledge that American citizens are just as much to blame about this problem, and need more attention drawn on them


= Allow conservatives to arrest workers who don’t go for the amnesty
= After the “amnesty”, you have let those future illegal immigrants get arrested, et. al. and not complain about it.

There’s so much more…but just a few thoughts…

p.s. there ARE Latinos who are for positive immigration reform and considered (and may have even voted for) McCain – Palin -- Evangelicals (especially those involved with Urban ministry) & Catholics who are strongly against abortion. McCain, in many ways, was a real choice for them to consider. That particular group (Latino Evangelicals & Catholics) may not be as loud as their white counterparts, or as numerous, but they are out there. (One reason they may not be as loud or apparent – they are too busy doing good work to get noticed, or answer their phone for a poll).

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