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May 18, 2009


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Esther J. Cepeda

Thanks, I'll need it. The neighbor mentioned above also confided that he'd just lost his own job and I'm just hoping he doesn't lose his home as well. Take care, and thanks for taking care of other peoples' property. Someone has to do it, why not us?

Ed Glassner

Good luck now. Abandoned properties seem to become serially deserted.

In an otherwise stable neighborhood, the house next to mine has been abandoned by straight owners in the past dozen years. The first owner decided to pay for his drugs rather than the mortgage, so he, his wife & 2 kids received a foreclosure notice & fled. Two years later the bank sold it to a family who moved from California; divorce & abandoned property followed 18 months later. Next, the house was rehabbed by a real estate "professional" who rented the place to a succession of families who paid rent for a few months before someone lost a job & they fled without paying several months rent, but trashing the place before they left. Then a family of four bought the place. After a nighttime beating, the wife left with their children; he died within months of pancreatic cancer. A couple of years later, another family moved in, at least part way. The wife lived there only a couple of days week as she kept working at her job in Wisconsin. The neighborhood rumor is that her husband then went to jail. The wife's brother who had been the primary caregiver for the children moved away after the wife came down one weekend for her children & some furniture.

Now I'm back to mowing the front lawn. The bank has finally cleared out the garage, driveway & inside of the house, but otherwise has taken no interest in the appearance of the property.

I've seen this happen to other properties in our south suburban Chicago village. Good luck to your neighborhood.

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