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May 26, 2009


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But in America white supremacy is always ultimately based upon an assumption of white moral and intellectual superiority that is not blunted by the presumptively "rare" occasional super Black or Hispanic. Indeed the exception proves the "rule". Of course Sotamayor's professional record is so exemplary it has to be ignored by her enemies. Better to focus on her being Hispanic which is a substitute for saying she is lazy, ignorant and immoral.

Thus we have white racist high graduate political hack Karl Rove and white racist high school graduate entertainer radio clown Rush Limbaugh opining about the limited intellect of the high school graduate valedictorian, Princeton summa cum laude Phi Beta Kappa graduate, Yale Law School graduate and Law Review editor Sonia Sotamayor. The two dumbest white guys in the room have an audience and a stage only because they are white with legions like them clinging to being white as their only evidence of any merit.

This was a brilliant political legislative and judicial selkection. Compared to the immoral sexual harasser inexperienced dimwit Clarence Thomas who was far from best qualified black conservative Republican Supreme Court candidate Sonia Sotamayor resembles the mighty Thurgood Marshall. To many racist dumb white guys have gotten it wrong as often as the smart good white guys have gotten it right.

That the experience of an Hispanic woman from a humble background will have some impact on how she views the facts and the law is to state the obvious. That is the way the white boys have always been doing it all along. The law is part art,, history, interpretation and experience where there is a constant war between certainty and justice in the law. Facts and people before the law are diverse. But for too long the judges were always white males.

But then what race is Sonia Sotamayor? There is no Hispanic/Latina race. From the fair blonde blue eyed Eva Peron through the brown skinned brown eyed Benito Juarez to the yellow skinned brown eyed Alberto Fujimori to the ebony skinned coarse hair of Minnie Minoso and evey admixture therein you have Spanish culture and language as the only unifying factor. What race is Barack Obama? There is only one human race.

Edgar Davila

I see you still don't have a clue.

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