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May 03, 2009


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I don't know why they called white women like wine if they used to be as Hispanic, people use to hide their wishes instead of realize them.


This is why all the hispanic men want to leave their hispanic wives to come have sex with us naughty white girls, trust me its true.....

no doubt women are the greatest thing that the man known in his life, thank God for creating women! Excellent post thanks for sharing.

Hello. Not altogether an idle question, as it may seem at first glance. Women's desires are multifaceted, vague, and sometimes do not have a strict outline, but, nevertheless, quite specific and concrete. Just notice it at once. A woman throws a phrase: "I want everything to be good!", And at first did not understand that under this "all" is hiding: a slim figure, the indefinite hospitalization of harmful boss mnogonulevoy bank account, new shoes ...

Perhaps the female consciousness is not able to operate with precise wording, but because men have a lot of sweat, decoding our desires and hidden clues. Especially classify the weaker sex everything about sex. Somehow, the ladies find it intolerable openly declare their intimate preferences. Why do themselves a lot of suffering and partner misleading. So what is going to say woman, but stubbornly silent? ...

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