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October 27, 2009


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How could anyone over 21 hope to meaningfully contribute to solving the puzzle of how to secure the passage of the city's future to the actual future through that sort of lens?

Megan Cottrell

Great piece. It's up to us if we want the violence to stop. It's not enough to say "that's terrible," and shrug our shoulders. I think your suggestion of creating space for young people to talk about their experiences and respecting what they have to say is a great one. I think these problems with violence are really connected to jobs and housing and poverty. If you own a business, consider hiring a teen for the summer or as an intern. Consider sponsoring a mentoring or tutoring program. Invest in a community development corporation that provides stable housing. We need to think about how separated we are from the violence and poverty these kids experience and start bridging that gap.
Again, important topic. We need to keep it on the table so we don't forget.

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