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July 01, 2010


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While sharing your frustration I am not sure what more the President can do. After all it is a midterm election year with high unemployment/the BP oil spill and thus there are neither the votes nor the will to get anything done on this issue this year. Enacting healthcare reform along with a changing political climate have pushed this issue back in the line.

After the midterm elections is the only likely reasonable timeline to reach this issue. The midterm election results and what happens in Arizona will give some indication of what the future holds.

Had he said the things that you wanted and laid out a timetable with details it would not have accomplished anything to move us closer to comprehensive immigration reform.The eleven Republicans(including John McCain) who favored immigration reform under Bush are long gone.

And with the xenophobic nativist brouhaha in Arizona over their evil immigration harassment law everyone is wrapping themselves in the flag with very thinly veiled anti-Hispanic/Latino bigotry.

Only the President can lead this fight. But he can not be Don Quixote when it is a combination Gaspar Yanga/Benito Juarez/Cuahtemhoc/Emiliano Zapata/Cesar Chavez type that we really need.

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