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August 26, 2010


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Bob Flinn

We are in a time of polarizing politics, media proliferation, economic fear and the computers and the internet to hide behind. These factors energize and assist the haters and the screamers. And then, there's the whole issue of the economic and polital turmoil in Mexico and parts south and, particualrly proximity, which just levens the pot. The fact that latinos are so industrious, energetic, gracious and family oriented makes them tough competition in the workplace---and a set-up for the bottom feeders. There are always enough screamers and shriekers to go around and threaten all of us. But, they're wrong and they impeach themselves with their rage and incivility. And, they will always find a group to scapegoat. No question, there is a critical problem, but it isn't the undocumented or latinos. The problem is a government that doesn't govern reasonably. It's entrenched interests who have no long view or perspective on the scope of the problem. Regardless, don't let the ranters and bigots take over your reality. They are wrong, they will fail.

Chicano future tense

Political rhetoric is fueling attacks on Latino immigrants!
Those groups,organizations and individuals who hate immigrants and nonwhites are generating and spreading their message of racism and xenophobia everywhere in the hope that such political rhetoric will take root in the population and instigate hate crimes for the purpose of control.They in short wish to intimidate immigrants and nonwhites into retreat and submission.They want Latinos to live in fear.They are nothing more than terrorists who desire Latinos to live in a prison-like state and society.
Latinos,unfortunately,for the most part being leaderless,powerless,defenseless have few options available to them.Their only truly effective means of self defense will be found in their own UNITY and development of self-determination,raising of poltical consciousness and creating honest,strong leaders.
A people armed with strong leadership,knowledge,purpose,awareness and political self-consciousness are extremely difficult if not impossible to conquer.
Communication and news is vital for Latino self-defense.It can become a shield Latinos can use to protect themselves from those who wish to kill,mame and terrorize us.
Gracias to Esther Cepeda for helping get the word out.


I don't think it would be reasonable to state "all undocumented immigrants...." anything. One simply cannot stereotype. An undocumented immigrant may work hard and pay taxes or be a high-acheiver at Harvard University. And then again, they might not! They might just make their money and go home, they might stay and use resources made available for citizens and legal immigrants. And yes, some commit crimes.

One thing that is certain, however, is that all undocumented immigrants are not in the United States lawfully. So you can't make positive assumptions of their actions or character, just like I can't make negative ones.

I'm not in agreement with the "Lou Dobbs" way of imaginatively creating the worst possible image of undocumented Latino immigrants. However, Latinos do need to recognize that some very real problems arise when a significant number of undocumented persons enter a community. I have not heard any Latinos speak on this issue. If you expect for people to accept the new "reality" without commenting (some spitefully), you are sadly mistaken.


I see the article seeking to understand what fuels/corrupts the debate, not looking for sympathy. The immigration issue is so complex because immigrants and citizens both want to find a solution so everyone can maintain what they are already familiar with. Legal or not it is a segment of the economy many depend on. Plus hatred does not seek solutions or compromises to reach a clear defined goal.

Roberto Michel

I agree there is a lot of hate out there against Hispanics, though I hope it's coming from a small group of people. This level of hate needs to be pointed out, so thanks.

Also, the people who suggest that all undocumented/illegal immigrants are "cheaters" who cause governments to go bankrupt don't admit the other side of the coin: that most "illegals" function as an asset to our economy and allow for many types of goods and services--from dining out to having a new roof put on your house--to be had for a much cheaper price than if they could all suddenly be deported. There are many undocumented workers who not only pay sales tax and gas tax, but also federal or social security tax if they have a fake or duplicate number. I think it's a myth that undocumented people are this huge drain on our economy. Unfortunately, this sort of myth helps to justify the hatred that is out there among a small (but I fear a growing) group of fellow Americans.

Again, thanks for speaking out.


I do not think it is correct, fair, or in any way justified to speak to people the way that people have spoken/written to you. At the same time, I consider it important to note the magnitude of the "immigration issue" and the perception that the current Latino community has been complicit in illegal immigration. "Legal" Latino immigrants have never sought to differentiate themselves from those who break the law by crossing borders- so why are you upset when you are now grouped with people who share your phenotype? Why are you surprised? I'm not saying that the racism and/or xenophobia is in any way justified. What I am saying is that it seems like the Latino community has done little to prevent the current situation from taking place. Most Latinos I know decry the "racist" laws in Arizona, standing in solidarity on the side of people who have knowingly broken the law of the United States of America... yet remain silent when it comes to addressing the very real and tangible issues associated with undocumented immigration. You should cover the entire issue, not just the parts that will get you sympathy and support.

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